New Album 2015!

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SUBSIGNAL have finished song writing and pre-production for their fourth studio album. The output will be entitled ‘The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime’, containing eight new songs with a full playing time of about 70 minutes. The title track has a length of over 20 minutes. Other song titles are ‘And the Rain will wash it all away’, ‘Ashes of Summer’, ‘Tempest’ to name but a few.

SUBSIGNAL will hit the studio in February with their long-time engineer and co-producer Charly Czajkowski, who has already worked with the band on their last two  critically acclaimed albums ‘Paraíso` and ‘Touchstones’ and the 2012-DVD ‘Out There Must Be Something’.

The band is shooting for a tentative release in Summer/Fall 2015 via ZYX/Golden Core Records. Live shows are to follow the release of ‘The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime’.


  1. Woooo Hoooooo!!! Great news! Best of luck with the recording – I’m sure it will be another SUBSIGNAL masterpiece! Can’t wait to hear some bits and pieces as you go! Cheers!

  2. Arno and Markus have proved that the laxidazical attitudes of many record companys of the 1990’s and early 2000’s were perhaps the biggest barriers for many experimental rock and avant-garde oriented bands to flourish during that time. Since the Art of Navigating by the Stars, they, along with the rest of Subsignal have carved out a niche for themeselves, leaving bands like Dream Theater in the dust when it comes to intelligent and emotional song writing. DT, while past its prime, still has a significant body of work and there are hidden gems scattered here and there. However, those gems are few and far between since the early 2000’s. Bands like Sieges Even and Vanden Plas went largely ignored during the time of Dream Theaters blossoming during the mid and late 90’s and the digital age has proved that foreign bands, be them Scandinavian, Japanese, Polish, German, or Romantic-Language-Speaking, have more to offer the United States than almost anything else going for this lonely and perverse country. Of course, I am no Prospector of Actuarial Information, but is something that I feel the need to share on a website like this. Minus the Bear, Subsignal, Riverside/After…/LunaticSoul/Indukti and The Tangent/Karmaknic will lead the way in this age where genres/trends repeat themselves and current artists take the best of the old and turn it into something Emotionally Powerful and Spiritually Rewarding.

  3. Wish you a lot of fun and creativity in the studio. Looking forward to see you on tour again. The Paraiso Concert in Ludwigsburg was a great experience. Hope that more people will take the opportunity to see your great live performance . All the Best, you make my day so often!

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