DVD Release: Out There Must Be Something

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‘Out There Must Be Something – Live in Mannheim 2012’ will hit the stores November 30. ‘The DVD will feature the full show we played back in April in Mannheim, Germany, in a very small venue, filmed with 6 cameras. Actually, this is the place where the first Subsignal show back in 2009 took place. Don’t expect explosions, fire and naked women on stage, but a DVD with 120 minutes of pure Subsignal-music and a great audience.’


Intro: The Weight of the Stone
Echoes In Eternity
My Sanctuary
The Sea
Feeding Utopia
Walking With Ghosts
The Lifespan of a Glimpse
The Size of Light on Earth (acoustic)
Eyes Wide Open (acoustic)
Where Angels Fear To Tread
Embers Part I: Your Secret Is Safe With Me
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
Outro: Themeland

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