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SUBSIGNAL announcing new album ‘Paraíso’

We are happy to announce the third studio CD. The album will be entitled ‘Paraíso’, containing the following ten new songs: Paraíso, The Blueprint of a Winter, A New Reliance, Swimming Home, A Long Way Since The Earth Crashed, The Stillness Beneath the Snow, Time and Again, The Colossus That Bestrode The World, A Heartbeat Away, A Giant Leap of Faith.

The album will be produced by Subsignal together with their long-time front-of-house technician Charly Czajkowski who has already been responsible for the sound of the 2012-DVD ‘Out there must be something – Live in Mannheim 2012’. The song ‘The Blueprint of a Winter’ will feature a duet of Arno with a well-known female singer. We will reveal her name within the next weeks.

‘Paraíso’ will hit the stores September 2013 via ZYX/Golden Core Records in several different editions. The special edition will contain a Live-CD with the soundtrack of last year’s ‘Out There’-DVD. A video featuring the title track of the album is also in the planning stages.